The Shape Shifters "Soul-Lows"CDR

The Shape Shifters "Soul-Lows"CDR
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SHAPE SHIFTERS "Soul-Lows" A classic released in 2002

1. L.I.F.E-( Life Rexall),,,,,,,,,,,,,2. Welcome To America 2012-(Die Young),,,,,,,,3. Audible Sensations-(Exist),,,,,,,,4. Motor Mouth-(Awol 1),,,,,,,,,5. Sea Of Emotions-(Exist, Circus, Life Rexall),,,,,,,,,6. AKUMA,,,,,,,,,,7. Hard Work-(Doc Lewd),,,,,,,,,8. Do They Even Know-(Exist, Life Rexall),,,,,,,,,9. I Found You-(Die Yung),,,,,,,,,10.Nine Times Out Of Ten-(Life Rexall)..,,,,,,,11. Midnight Symphony-(Exist, Met Fly, Doc Lewd,),,,,,,,,,,12. Chew Glass Spit Mosaic-(Doc Lewd, Met Fly, Die, Akuma, Subtitle),,,,,,,,,,13.When I Grow Up-(2 Mex),,,,,,,,,14. Fear The Outcome-(Exist),,,,,,,,15. XFL-(Life, DIe, Akuma),,,,,,,,,,16. Bus Stop Girl-(Subtitle),,,,,,,,,17. Switch It Up-(Die, Akuma, Exist)