The League (English League) "The Track Team" CDR

The League (English League) "The Track Team" CDR
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The League (English League) "The Track Team" CD-R

Produced by: Jericho J, Liferexall, Politik, KDT

Featuring: Awol One, Existereo, LA Jae, Ecto One, Rubberbandman, DJ Lion (

2003 League Music/ Soudnborm Music

Description: Finally! They have re-released this CD.....Matre, Doc Lewd, Liferexall and Jericho J. 21 cuts including the unreleased classics like "The Government" and "Pushing up the Sun". Pure bangers worth the wait. Any fan of Shapeshifters take note cause this group features Liferexall and Dr. Lewdachris, so make sure you snatch this up with the quickness!

TRACK LISTING 1. Track Team 2. Proper English 3. Psychic Catwalk 4. Big Time 5. Cute Little Freak 6. Word of Mouth 7. Go Soulo 8. Run to Win 9. Pushing Up the Sun 10. All About the Rhyme (feat. Awol One / Existereo) 11. War Games 12. California Cannonball 13. Listen Up 14. The Government (feat. DJ Lion) 15. Insect Wings 16. A Portrait of the Artist as an MC 17. God's Speed 18. Back 2 the Rap 19. Bicycle Thieves (feat. The Rubberbandman) 20. Cinema 21. Acceptance