The Shape Shifters "Planet Of The Shapes" CDR

The Shape Shifters "Planet Of The Shapes" CDR
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The Shape Shifters "Planet Of The Shapes" 2xCDR

"Planet Of The Shapes" Is # One In A Four Part Series Known As "7 Seconds Delay Portrait Of Earth Viewed From Mars"

Tracklist 1.01 What Have We Done To Make God Angry? 0:53 1.02 Da Socias Have Taken Over 3:58 1.03 Blame The Chupa Cabra Producer Nick The Greek 1:25 1.04 Abducted Again Producer Rubic 5:04 1.05 Sacred Geometry Additional Vocals Catherine Lerider 10:09 1.06 The Youth Of Today Scratches Rob One 5:53 1.07 Starship Bethlehem Producer DJ Bam-Bam 5:21 1.08 Four Days Of Darkness Producer Chain Smokers 6:08 1.09 Conceivable Evidence 1:36 1.10 Welcome To My Planet Scratches Rob One 5:11 1.11 Return Of The Atlantis Awareness Scratches DJ Esp (2) 4:08 2.01 Apu At The Gandi Lodge Featuring MC Jackalope Producer Awol One 1:01 2.02 We Are The... "Anthem" 1:40 2.03 Word To Your Mutha Ship Producer Rob One 3:42 2.04 Transend And Evolve 2:34 2.05 Shit's Stranger Than Science 3:47 2.06 Earthlings Producer J.D. Frump 4:03 2.07 Any Mal And The Useless Eaters 8:22 2.08 Silver Discs And NASA Chimps Producer Nobody 4:07 2.09 Great Scott! Featuring H.I.M.N.L. Producer H.I.M.N.L. 4:48 2.10 Mos Eisley Producer Existereo, Paris Zax 9:39 2.11 The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life 1:21 2.12 It Could Only Git More Gooder (Socias Keriyoki Remix) Producer Andre Afram Asmar, Nostrildaumus