Shape Shifters "Adopted By Aliens" 2ep Vinyl

Shape Shifters "Adopted By Aliens" 2ep Vinyl
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Product Description

This is a Limited Edition 2 Vinyl Record Set. This is a L.A. underground classic.

Vocals By: Circus, 2mex, Awol One, Akuma, L.A. Jae, Existereo, Life Rexall, Mikah 9 Courtneu Love. These crazy LA dudes really know how to tweak your eardrums with real life daytime drama. 1. Who's Got Presents? 2. Prevail 3. Hootie And The Brainfish 4. Reiterate 5. Rob One Mixtape Megamix 6. Words Of Wizdumb 7. Mos Eiseley 8. Strange Birds 9. Flossin' 10. The Chain Name 11. Planet Rock 2012 12. Triple Threat 13. Beetleborg 14. Wake Up Dead 15. Korn Bizkit