Radioinactive & Antimc "Free Kamal" CD

Radioinactive & Antimc "Free Kamal" CD
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Free Kamal from Radioinactive and Antimc, is a forward thinking hip-hop album of twelve songs that run the gamut of modern pop music. It is the culmination of years of growth by both artists. Incomparable wordplay, jaunting delivery, and the ability to craft tracks with positive thinking as their central theme are traits that endear Radioinactive to indie hip-hop fans worldwide. Co-conspirator Antimc is a man on a mission. His combination of expert sampling and drum programming, mixed with an impressive display of live playing, provide the foundation for the album. In all of its fits and starts, its tension and release, Free Kamal is a catchy, hook-laden album that captures the Southern California experience.

01. With Light Within 02. Chop Chop 03. Movin' Truck 04. First World Justice System 05. The Weight Of Secrets 06. Citrus 07. Stop Me Equals Death 08. The Physics Of My Success 09. Running With Scissors 10. Dinosaur Eggs 11. Folding Dirty Laundry 12. Magnets