"Radioinactive's Fo' Tractor " CD

"Radioinactive's  Fo' Tractor " CD
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"Fo'Tractor is comprised of the songs that were never made to come out. They were just 4-track songs. Some of them were either freestyle songs or partial freestyle songs that I just wrote in the studio on a 4-track. Now, no one has 4-tracks anymore. Everyone has wonderful quality equipment. Someone's first song that they make it sounds perfect because they have Pro-Tools, etc. A while back, you know at best a couple of people that had a 4-track and you couldn't do the verse more than twice because it would start to bleed through. You would start to be able to hear your multiple takes. So I originally released "Fo'tractor" as a cassette tape and sold about 200 or 300 in 1998 or 1999 I think. With that re-release, I was just trying to make it sound a little bit better, as good as it could, polishing it. I think it's nice for people to hear the gritty, lo-fi and bad quality that was the only thing that we had. It's a little bit of the history of where I come from." RADIOINACTIVE

01. Elevator Shoes.....02. Human Suitcase.....03. Take A Break.....04. Father Antiradio.....05. Postcards.....06. Mystery.....07. Soapy Water.....08 .Shopping List.....09. Homage A'smc.....10. Remaining Underground.....11. Park-In-Sun's Disease.....12. In A Rush.....13. Camera Shy.....14. Equilibrium.....15. These Things.....16. Save Your Soul