Nitro 2G Black

Nitro 2G Black
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Product Description

Nitro 2G Black 400ml, Low Pressure Valve. Matte Finish.

Forged from the best recipes in the Montana Colors line, Nitro 2G Colors is a hybrid of 94 and "Silver Killer" formulas. This fusion has allowed Montana to create a paint that is both fast drying and, ultimately, able to cover up almost any other medium. Nitro 2G is the heavy hitter that will make short work of any paint underneath it.

This version of Nitro 2G is an enriched synthetic resin based matte formula that will not clog caps or break consistency of spray.

These 500ml cans come equipped with low to hi pressure sensitive valves for ultra fast filling. Also unique to this line is the improved resistance to UV rays and the ultra fast drying times.

Nitro 2G is the 400ml original Silver Killer Acrylic formula in matte finish with a low pressure valve.

If you are looking for a paint that can cover almost anything with no evidence of former work beneath, this is the paint to be used. THE SILVER KILLER!!