Montana Pocket Spray Paint 100ml size cans

Montana Pocket Spray Paint 100ml size cans
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Product Description

Call 'em short. Call 'em tiny. The Pocket line is the most clever spray paint can to ever to hit the market. With their light 150ml sizes and compact nature, this line has 6 different colors for your painting needs. Pocket cans are excellent for small jobs that do not require a full can of spray paint.Wildly popular, the Pocket line under went a facelift in the summer of 2009 with an increase in capacity (100ml to 150ml) and palette expansion (4 to 6 colors).

The Pocket can has found its use as both a hi-lighting tool as well as a touch up medium. Furthermore, it is the smallest can to use a color coded donut which shows the actual color inside. Indeed, the Pocket can is a useful part of any artists' arsenal.

You might also notice the progressive look of the Pocket can. Part of the 2009 relaunch included a redesign of the former can. The repackaging was supplied exclusively by art gurus Os Gemeos.

Montana Pocket spray paint 100ml/ 3.4 fluid ounces. Low pressue valve.

Standard tip which comes at point of purchase is the Normal cap. The Pocket valve will accept any cap but the top four caps recommended are Normal, Universal, Skinny Pro, and Pinkdot fat cap.

At 1/4th the volume of a Hardcore or 94 can, amazingly there is enough propellant in the can for it to be used with a fat cap.