Marsh T- Grade Ink Black

Marsh T- Grade Ink Black
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Product Description

1 Quart (946 ML) of Marsh T-Grade 'Pigmented' Ink - The Medium Bottle in the picture. Dries quickly, is smear proof and water-proof. One of the most popular inks, because it is pigmented ink, resulting in a powerful fade resistent ink. The Pigmented Marsh is the strongest color concentrated ink, which is what stains the surface the most.

Marsh T- Grade Ink can be used on the following application surfaces: Metal, Concrete, Corrugated, PVC, Wood, Paper, Rubber, Brick, Porcelain, Fabric, Glass, Ceramic Tile, Plastic, Shrinkwrap, Stretchwrap.

MIX THIS INK WITH GARVEY VIOLET INK TO STAIN HARD INSIDE AND OUTSIDE WITHOUT FADING!! Also works great mixing with Pilot Ink, Illadel Ink or your homemade Pen Ink Brew. Easy Pouring Lid Included. Use Wrench to open lid. MIX/SHAKE for 5-10 minutes Very Well or else all the good pigmented concentrated ink will be left stuck on the bottom. When mixing with Garvey Ink use 75% Marsh and 25% Garvey. This will make the best ink on the planet.