Illadelstyles Colorz ink refill (4oz)

Illadelstyles Colorz ink refill (4oz)
Item# IlladelLtColorz4ozRefill

Product Description

Illadelstyles Colorz ink refill (4oz). 4oz. Illadel "Colorz" is a heavily-pigmented ink mixed from scratch. The colors are unlike any other inks out there because they not only flow smoothly through mops and paint pump markers, but you can even use them in an airbrush. Illadel Colorz gives you the bold, bright colors (usually found with paint) in an ink that you can use for just about any application. It's mixed with 3-times the usual amount of pigments to guarantee it's high resistance to fading from bad weather and sunlight. It covers extremely well and looks great, especially on darker-colored backgrounds.