Freestyle Fellowship "To Whom It May Concern" CD

Freestyle Fellowship "To Whom It May Concern" CD
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To Whom It May Concern... is a 1991 alternative hip hop album by the Freestyle Fellowship, an improv collective out of the Los Angeles Project Blowed crew. The album is considered an all-time underground classic, and despite its murky, low-budget production quality, it is held to be a watershed recording for intelligent hip-hop. Songs such as {"Legal Alien" and "Here I Am" feature the group's traditionally afrocentric lyrics, as well as the unique, rapid-fire lyrical flow that became a distinguishing characteristic of the Fellowship. Other songs, such as "Convolutions", place the Freestyle Fellowship within the realm of jazz rap, as they freestyle over "So What", a Miles Davis recording, to emphasize the similarities between the respective genres of jazz and hip hop music.

1."We Are The Freestyle Fellowship" - 1:36 2."My Fantasy" - 3:53 3."7th Seal" - 5:23 4."Let's Start Over" - 1:14 5."Sunshine Men" - 4:33 6."Physical Form" - 3:49 7."120 Seconds" - 2:03 8."We Will Not Tolerate" - 1:46 9."Dedications" - 2:01 10."It's On" - 0:16 11."Sike" - 0:34 12."5 O'clock Follies" - 5:56 13."Legal Alien" - 3:45 14."Convolutions" - 0:46 15."Jupiter's Journey" - 4:18 16."For No Reason" - 3:14 17."Here I Am" - 4:15 18."The Future?" - 1:32