Flash Bang Grenada - 10 Haters CD

Flash Bang Grenada - 10 Haters  CD
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Bus Driver and Nocando are Flash Bang Grenada - 10 Haters CD

Hellfyre Club presents 10 Haters, the debut album from Flash Bang Grenada. Composed of manic wordsmith Busdriver and Low End Theory resident Nocando, Flash Bang Grenada is a brilliant combination of two experienced and immensely talented Los Angeles MCs.

From track one on 10 Haters it is clear that this collaboration has been a long time coming. In fact the two trade off lyrics so effortlessly, Nocando's unflappable attack balancing Busdriver's off-the-wall delivery so perfectly, it's obvious these two MCs are not strangers to each other's style. Together they weave intricate patterns, at times tip-toeing and at times stomping, through impressive soundscapes provided by an all-star cast - eight producers in all. Despite the eclectic production, fellow Low End hero Nosaj Thing and LA beat scene wunderkind Shlohmo to name a few, a dark, cohesive backdrop is painted for these two MCs to drop bombs on.

And drop bombs they do. Viciously self-aware, Nocando and Busdriver take turns delivering a brilliant, ironic, and very funny commentary on a variety of topics. The opener "Good Cop, Bad Cop" showcases their brilliant one-upmanship, and "In a Perfect World" is a hilarious, banging collaboration with Open Mike Eagle that is best listened to windows down cruising around the neighborhood.

Track Listing 1. Good Cop, Bad Cop (prod. Dibia$e) 2. Beat My Bitch (prod. Nosaj Thing) 3. I Can Teleport (prod. Busdriver) 4. Moisturizer (prod. Mexicans with Guns) 5. Aphrodite (prod. E. Super) 6. Bernie (prod. Busdriver) 7. In a Perfect World (feat. Open Mike Eagle) (prod. Mono/Poly) 8. 10 Haters (prod. Free The Robots) 9. Hyperbolic (feat. Del the Funky Homosapien) (prod. Shlohmo) 10. Jimmy (prod. Bloccade)