A Clockwork Orange (DVD, 2-Disc)

A Clockwork Orange (DVD, 2-Disc)
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A Clockwork Orange (DVD, 2-Disc)

Based on Anthony Burgess┐s 1962 novel "A Clockwork Orange" is a masterpiece chronicling with evident satire the life of miscreants and its effect on society. An invaluable social commentary by Stanley Kubrick this two-disc set is a crime caper portraying the life of a gang of young hoodlums who spend their days robbing, fighting and raping women. Heading the gang is the sociopath and delinquent Alex (Malcolm McDowell), who is used in a government experiment to help reform violent misanthropes and help the society. A very dark and disturbing movie, "A Clockwork Orange" is a mockery of such organizations and questions their effectiveness. Containing visual, social, political and sexual elements, this two-disc set throws light on the rare way criminal minds work (Alex who is a rapist loves Beethoven). Additionally, "A Clockwork Orange" features great classical music that adds to the theme of the story. Watch this crime story for its stark realism and sensational visuals.

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Edition: 2-Disc Special Edition

Number of Discs: 2

Rating: R (MPAA)

Film Country: United Kingdom

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Genre: Science-Fiction/Fantasy

Format: DVD

Display Format: 2-Disc Special Edition

A Clockwork Orange (DVD, 2-Disc)