Product Description

Ice T was one of the major rappers in the disco known as The Radio Club along with Henry G and DJs like Chris "The Glove" Taylor and Egyptian Lover. Chris Taylor worked for a disco rental service before he reached the status of one of the West Coast's Pioneer DJs. Because of the heavy worker gloves he wore, the disco's manager gave him the DJ Name "The Glove". The Glove and Egyptian Lover were the local DJs at the famous Radio Club which later was re-named The Radiotron. Together with Ice T and Super AJ they formed The Radio Crew.

In 1983 director Topper Carrew produced a documentary about the Radio Club called "Breakin' 'n' Enterin'". For this early piece of West Coast History Ice T, Egyptian Lover and Chris "the Glove" Taylor recorded 5 songs which were released on the legendary "Radio Crew EP". This recording marked the first time for the Egyptian Lover in the studio. The artist Dupont who also first appeared on the soundtrack was a long time mystery. He did three songs for this documentary; "Burn", "Break Dancers" and "Lets rock". Filled with vocoder voices and Electro Beats they were ahead of their time. The tracks never made it on to the original vinyl pressing.

This EP is one of the rarest pieces of vinyl in Hip Hip History. It was only pressed 25 times for the cast of the Documentary. It has never been available on CD or 2xLP format until now.

Track Listing Song Title Audio

1. Ice-T - 'Intro' -

2. The Glove - '6 PM Mix'

3. Super AJ - 'Spray It'

4. Breaking & Entering

5. The Glove & Egyptian Lover - 'The Glove Meets The Egyptian Lover'

6. Egyptian Lover - 'The Egyptian Lover's Theme'

7. Ice-T - 'Breaking & Entering (Rap)'

8. Dupont - 'Burn'

9. Dupont - 'Break Dancer'

10. Dupont - 'Let's Rock'