Awol One & Josh Martinez "Splitsville" CD

Awol One & Josh Martinez "Splitsville" CD
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Awol One, Josh Martinez "Splitsville" CD combines two EPs into an album of love songs for broken hearts, with the feel of broken men brought to their knees by the trials of love. Equal parts black humor, dreamy pop and gorgeous multilayered hi-hats, this album is for people who like things, but hate stuff.

Tracklisting: 1. Martinez Intro 2. Last Train 3. Raindance 4. The Business 5. Past Dues 6. Too Much feat. Evil and Moka Only 7. Splitsville feat. Awol One 8. Awol's Intro 9. Shakeyer Eywind 10. Van to Whittier feat. Kaboom, Cee, Kunga 219 and Josh Martinez 11. Thunder's Dying 12. Like 2 Live feat. Josh Martinez 13. Wanted and Needed 14. The Beast feat. The Chicharones